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Waste & Water Treatment Solutions

Water is a valued resource with considerable process & economic implications on an operational system. Water impurities results from contaminants, process fluids or the product itself. The selected water processing technology is designed to remove or recover elements from the liquid phase. The water processing concept can be developed with a focus on specific criteria such as: suspended recovery, water recycling or diluted constituents’ removal.

Interior of water treatment plant

The Equa processing systems and components are available for each specific water processing application. The economic solution can be adapted to the operational consideration in view of the separation task, focus of water quality and automation.

Line drawing - aerial view of water treatment tanks

Vegetable processing operations have a high requirement of fresh water for the wash, cutting or selection processes. The effluent water treatment is characterized by:

Farms processing facilities are a large source of wastewater containing biosolids which are characterized by the following features:

Interior of water treatment plant

The solution considers the turbidity, the suspended solids (TSS) and requirements on the process results. Whether removing fine particles from irrigation water, re-cycling water in a vegetable wash water, cleansing effluent prior to city discharge or adjusting the water characteristics prior to the feed into a process, the Equa water treatment process units can accommodate most requirements. Technology in use are:

Water treatment equipment