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Vegetable Sorting Machines

An exact food sorting machine is indispensable in the food & beverage industry. All commercial processing companies need to prepare fruit and vegetable for the market. The optical vegetable sorter is the decisive advantage to achieve high quality results in the product selection. The technological advances have allowed Marcelissen to optimize each sorting unit to the specific fruit or vegetable. At Equa we advise each client the most suited sorter type for his operation and support with process evaluation.

Optical Sorter – SOL/SOM

CAD rendering of Optical Sorter SOL-2

Marcelissen’s Optical Sorter grades the fruit and vegetable according to various characteristics: namely size, color, number of defects and size of the defects.

The fruit and vegetables are transported by conveyor into the sorting chamber on two separate roller conveyors. Within the optical sorter the evaluation is concluded in the scan space where the vegetable is selected in view of the quality, characteristics, and possible defects. The optical vegetable sorter concludes 360 degrees scan of the vegetable ensuring complete surface control. The high-speed optical sorter ensures this by rotating the vegetables several times on the transportation section under the camera.

After the data from the fruit and vegetable has been collected, the optical grader proceeds to sort the fresh produce according to the programmed criteria. The automatic vegetable sorter use ‘blow nozzles’ or ‘sliders’ to direct each individual vegetable to the collection or transport units. The optical sorter parameters are pre-programmed based on the previously obtained information, consisting of issues such as quality and produce characteristics. The vegetable optical sorter achieves high volumes with best selection quality.

Root Sorter – SRK

CAD rendering of Root Sorter SRK

The vegetable roller grader is a heavy-duty industrial machine for sorting numerous sizes of a standardized product. The root sorting rollers achieve a transportation with noise reducing elements and soft handling of the produce.

The root sorting machine is normally designed for the separation of 5 different vegetable sizes, with the variance of 9 to 90 mm. The root sorting size and the speed of transport are mechanically and electrically adjustable, so that the performance and quality accommodate variations in the harvest.

Sliver Remover (Roller Sorter)

Potato sliver remover

The vegetable sliver remover can clean the fruit and vegetable from unwanted remnants or pieces. The sliver remover will continually distribute the vegetable over the entire width of the unit and discharge the smaller slices vertically down.

The Marcelissen advantage is that the vegetable sorter can be adapted and adjusted during continued production. The roller adjustment is centrally controlled to ensure equal distancing throughout the unit. The quick and precise adjustment allow vegetable sorting from 3 to 23 mm or 4 to 24 mm.

The new generation Sliver Removers are very easy to maintain, the rollers can be adjusted during the production process and no water is needed for cooling and lubricating the bearings. When processing cut vegetables, a spray tube is added to further wash the produce.

All separation rollers have the same rotation direction and are equipped with spirals. This creates a good product distribution, which is very important in achieving a good sorting quality.

The waste can be disposed of underneath the machine. A spray tube is mounted above the rollers for the removal of any sticking parts.

Food Service/Catering Business Sliver Remover – SR2

The Marcelissen SR2 sorter is designed for the catering or restaurant sector.

When cutting of potatoes, beets or carrots, small pieces can be created which fall between the cut products. Additionally, there may also be pieces lying between and on top of cut products. The food service Sliver Remover solves this problem.

This vegetable sorting machine is specially designed for the food-service industry to separate too small product particles and/or waste from sliced and whole products. The main advantage of this Sliver Remover for the food service and catering sector is that the roll opening can be easily, quickly and precisely adjusted from 4 to 24 mm during the production process. The Sliver Remover is handy after the products have been cut by our Easycut 1 or a machine from our Slitmaster SL series.

The product to be sorted moves lengthwise over the rollers with the direction of rotation of the rollers, whereby breakage is excluded.

CAD rendering of Food Service Sliver Remover
CAD rendering of Slitmaster/Sliver Remover combination unit