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Vegetable Handling Equipment

Auger Conveyor – TS

The Vegetable auger conveyor is essential for transportation of the products within the process steps and production site. The constant feed and dosing of the vegetables into the respective machines defines the quality and operational stability of the system as a whole. All parts are made of stainless steel to ensure food grade operation. The advantages of a screw conveyor is the ease to clean, regulation of dosing quantities and almost no wearable parts.

CAD rendering of Auger Conveyor

Boxtipper hydraulic driven – KH

The vegetable box tipper is a sturdy unit to help with product transfer from the field collection bins into the processing system.

The KH box tipper is adjusted to the different types of vegetable delivery boxes.

The operation and control of the vegetable box tipper unit can automatically from the PLC or manual by hand at the unit.

CAD rendering of boxtipper hydraulic driven

Trough, Tank or Bunker – B

This bunker is used for the storage of untreated, intermediate or final product. This bunker can be used together in combination with a boxtipper, after a production stage or capacity storage. Several sizes and shapes can be produced together with storage volumes. The design can easily incorporate a screw conveyor belt and valve units to enable the PLC total control of infeed and discharge.

CAD rendering of Bunker
CAD rendering of Bunker with conveyor belt

Cooling Auger – NKS

The vegetable cooling auger is implemented in continuous processing and cooking operations. The ensure product temperature prior to an ensuing processing step or final packaging, the NKS cooling auger drops the product temperature.

CAD rendering of Cooling Auger

Wet Hopper with Outfeed Conveyor – BNT

CAD rendering of Wet Hopper with Outfeed Conveyor