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Vegetable Cutting Machine

Halving machine – D

Vegetable cutting is designed to resize root vegetable such as potatoes, carrots, or beets into 2 or 4 pieces in a continuous process. This vegetable machine consists out of a unique input belt, an aligning roller bed and a cutting section. The belt measures out the product carefully and is engineered to create a single layer of product on the roller bed.

The self-aligning vegetable rollers have a particular profile that positions the vegetable before they reach the vegetable cutting section. This special cutting unit is controlled by PLC and moves continuously over the rollers. The vegetable cutter prepares the product into 2 or 4 pieces.

Underneath the length of the cutting machine is a collecting belt. This belt will gather all products and make it possible to inspect the product one more time.

Capacity: 55,000 vegetable units per hour

CAD rendering of Marcelissen continuous halving machine

Easycut 1

Top -Tail vegetable cutting machine for elongated products such as carrots or parsnip. This vegetable cutting machine consists of two transverse belts and two cutting units.

The vegetable cutter is engineered to create a single layer of product on the belt before the vegetable reaches the first knife. After the top is cut, the product is transported to a higher level where the tail knife is situated. When both top and tail are removed, the product can optionally reach a bar of knives, where it will be cut in smaller parts for further processing. Top and tail are discharged on both sides of the machine.

Product feed into the vegetable cutter can be manual or mechanical within the operation system.

Capacity: Up to 3000 carrots/hr.

Marcellisen Easycut 1