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Specialty Agriculture / Farm Equipment

Mobile Drum Filling Station

Maximum flexibility with our mobile drum filling station

With our mobile drum filling station, we make it possible to fill the drums quickly and efficiently with the available fermentation substrate. Our systems offer an enormous technical quality and meet all requirements.

The tractor pump unit offers comfort and safety within the entire application, so that there are no more obstacles during filling.

The right components for every system

Our mobile systems also meet all requirements. In comparison to the systems permanently mounted on the ground, they have a base frame for three-point attachment to a tractor. The frame is equipped with an additional pump system so that nothing stands in the way of flexible and safe filling. Around the pumps it is possible to use either rotary lobe pumps or progressive cavity pumps, so that there are no restrictions during the pumping process.

In addition, further measures can be taken to simplify the filling process. For example, the barrel filling station can be additionally equipped with a foreign body separator, which allows the fermentation substrate to be separated from stones, pebbles and other foreign bodies. This makes it possible to significantly increase the quality of the conveyed substrate and to significantly enrich the plant around your usability. In this way, it is possible to carry out the filling at various locations.

Mobile pump filling station in front of building with Schmidberger logo

Submersible Pumps

The submersible motor pumps of the PTS series are used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, waste water and similar media, some of which contain solids.

PaulMichl Submersible Biosolids Pump

High Quality Cutter – The pumps are equipped with a high-quality cutter on the impeller to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation.

Preferred areas of application are pre-tanks and final storage tanks which are only partially accessible or difficult to access. The connection to the pump line can be made by flexible hoses or with an underfloor coupling system, in conjunction with a stationary lowering guide.

When filling manure and tanker vehicles, this pump is characterized by its high and reliable delivery rate.

For condensate, pumping and soakage tanks, the submersible pump of 0.75 – 1.1 kW is often used.

This pump is characterized by its compact design with a stainless steel motor housing and the stable centrifugal chamber. Even longer distances to the corresponding storage tanks are ideal for the use of this reliable pump.

Submersible pump with metal frame in front of tractor

Manure & Fiber Separation Press

The manure separation press is designed to dewater manure or recover fiber for bedding. The unit is very robust and easy to operate at the farm or remote at lagoons. The operation of the system is made possible by the control and regulation unit, which is equipped as standard with a frequency converter for individual speed control of the feed pump. Due to the compact design, the set-up time of the separator after arrival until operation is only a few minutes. As a safety device, the pump is equipped with a vacuum switch and a leakage monitor as standard. With the standard base frame, the complete unit can be positioned accordingly with a lifting vehicle. The separator is fed by a self-sucking progressive cavity pump. The mobile unit of thePM200-Compact series is offered with a throughput capacity of approx. 30 gpm. When using the solid material as bedding, a dry matter content of up to 30% can be achieved through special equipment features of the separator. This allows the solids to be scattered directly after the separation process. The PM200 separator has been used successfully for many years in a wide range of applications.

The individual components of the PM200-Compact mobile unit series are precisely matched to each other, so that a very good price-performance relation is given with a long stability of the components.

Manure press on farm with standing grain in background


Mobile separator with conveyor belt transporting manure into dump truck
Mobile separator LKW on trailer behind tractor

Manure Agitation

Tower Mixers (TURMMIX) & PTO Agitators are used to homogenize high tanks or lagoons. The agitator can be inserted at different positions so that the time required for homogenization can be reduced. The robust design enables reliable use even in tanks with heavy floating solids formation. Power is transmitted to the agitator blade by means of a drive shaft located in the casing pipe.

Tractor with manure mixing device