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Skid & Container System

The big advantage of a complete skid assembled processing installation is that all components are pre-assembled and tested prior to delivery. The onsite installation is reduced to the essential feed lines of sludge, water, and electricity. The engineering can view the dewatering solution as a “black box” where all essential elements are included. The installation contractor can focus on the positioning of the equipment and hook up of the few required lines. Inspection and commissioning time is faster due to the pre-test of the functionality of all components and the interaction of the PLC program. The customized skid solutions are based on the standard product design but accommodate each and every operation and site condition. Equa selected all components to the process requirements and ensure a coordinated operation between the individual parts. The focus on the dewatering application ensures a stable and functional system.


CAD rendering of centrifuge skid unit

Scope of Supply

Project management which includes design drawings, procurement of all parts, assembly and testing

Warranted operational system with automated PLC program

Skid system commissioning and process optimization

CAD renderings of centrifuge skid unit
Centrifuge skid unit on site with operator

Mobile & Container Dewatering Systems

The Equa mobile and container units are complete processing system enabling a quick set-up on numerous different sites. The installations contain all components needed for the mechanically separation tasks for different sites.

The mobile dewatering units are designed to accommodate a best possible handling of a single or variety of applications. The configuration of components and layout is selected for the on-site operation and service.

The mobile units are built for mobility to diverse purposes, specified mobile operations and rental organizations.

Technical drawings of container dewatering unit