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Screw Conveyor

Solids transportation between different processing steps

Screw conveyor installation with hopper

High Quality Shafted Screw Conveyor

Our precision fitted shafted screw conveyors ensure a continuous feed if the biosolids substrates in a measured manner and are thus the essential link between the different processing steps of a biogas plant. It is important that the different components technically interlink within the design of the plant, so that continuous conveying is ensured. The stainless-steel construction ensures a durable and extremely robust conveyor. Wear protection of the helical flight and housing ensures longevity of the shafted screw conveyor.

Two shafted screw conveyors

Durable Shaftless Screw Conveyor

The shaftless screw conveyor product line is constructed for reliable performance and ease of conveyance. The shaftless screw conveyor is a very cost effective component for product distribution or solids discharge from processing steps.

Line drawing of centrifuge container with screw conveyor
Line drawing of shaftless screw conveyor

Advantages of the screw conveyor product line: