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Potato Cutter / Machine

Hydro Cutter Compact

The Marcelissen Hydro Cutter is a standard potato cutter that can easily be adapted to different end products. The Hydro potato cutter can prepare chips, wedges or slices in a continuous process. The compact Hydro Potato Cutter CSH is the most compact Hydro Cutter in the world. This ‘stand-alone’ machine requires a small footprint and is supplied complete with water tank, centrifugal pump, venturi tube, cutting section, decelerator, and discharge conveyor.

Capacity: Up to 15 tons/hr.

CAD rendering of hydro cutter

Continuous Halving Machine – DC

The DC continuous potato halving machine is available with a single or double lane process. This machine consists out of an unique input belt, an aligning roller bed and a cutting section.

The self-aligning rollers have a particular profile that positions the potatoes before they reach the cutting section. Th potato halving unit is PLC controlled to enable automatic operation and requires little operational input.

The cutting unit is located at the end of the roller bed. At this end the potato is cut in half by a continuous process. Beneath this machine there is an additional belt located where the product is collected, transported and if necessary inspected.

CAD rendering of continuous halving machine

Slitmaster 85 – Industrial french fries cutter for catering & restaurant operations

The Slitmaster 85 is a potato cutting machine designed especially for the catering industry and industrial kitchens. The compact and hygienic design of the Slitmaster cutter makes it fit in every professional kitchen, big or small.

Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter

The Marcelissen Slitmaster 85 has been specially developed for cutting fries and/or slices from potatoes. Due to the unique design of the rotor, the Slitmaster 85 always cuts the longest possible fries from each potato, minimising waste and short cuts.

When the potato reaches the rotor, it is first cut into a slice of the desired thickness. After this the slice is cut into fresh fries by the knife roller set.

In addition, the professional fries cutter is very easy to use and maintain thanks to its simplistic yet inventive design. Take, for instance, the changing of the knife roll set, which can be done in less than a minute due to the simple ‘quick-release’ system.

Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter with interior view

Safety First

In order to comply with all applicable food safety requirements, the Slitmaster 85 is manufactured mainly from AISI 304 stainless steel and fitted with a POM plastic rotor. In addition, this cutting machine has the necessary CE safety features such as magnetic switches and an emergency stop circuit.

An important addition is that both the rotor and the rotation speed of the knife set are adjustable by means of frequency converters. This gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to process both peeled and unpeeled product into fries and/or slices with the Slitmaster 85 fries cutter.

The advantages are:

Easy! Easy to clean, easy to operate, easy to change knives, easy to maintain.

Closeup of Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter

A French fries cutter for the catering and food service business

As a hotel and catering business owner, you also want to be able to cut a variety of products. Therefore, we have ensured that our customers can cut slices with a thickness of 7 – 14 mm with this Slitmaster 85. For this, only one slice knife is required. As for cutting fresh fries, this is possible in thicknesses ranging from 7 – 14 mm. Per millimetre, a separate bar knife is required, as the number of knives can vary per thickness.

Because the thickness of the slice knife can be adjusted independently of the stick knife, it is also possible to cut, for example, deviating types of Chips such as Flemish or Steakhouse fries.

Water can be added to rinse the starch from the product, but this is not necessary.

Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter
Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter with sliver remover

Existing customers of Marcelissen

At Marcelissen we have been able to set up various machines for different customers, and we are proud of that. These include various catering companies and large parties such as ‘Farm Frites’, ‘Celavita’, ‘Aviko’ and ‘McCain’. We have been able to provide them all with a specific solution.