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Nut Processing Equipment

Each nut type has different requirements on the process equipment and system. The variations between fresh fruit, shelled or roasted nuts have specific requirement on the nut equipment in the process. All steps from field recovery to the final product packaging need careful consideration and technical optimisation. The Marcelissen equipment has proven reliable operation and best results for all steps of the nut processing. Whether individual equipment or complete system, we are able to support with high quality nut processing units and best yields.

The Marcelissen nut processing machines have proven best reliability and highest process efficiency. The nut processing units are using food-grade material and high precision production to ensure reliable operation during the season.

Select the processing units for your nut processing line

Boxtipper Hydraulic Driven – KH

The nut box tipper allows a simple transfer of the nuts from the field collection bins into the processing system. This machine is used at the beginning of a processing line for the infeed with boxes, crates or bags. The nut transfer unit is customized to the specific boxes shape and size to accommodate your operation.

The operation and control of the nut box tipper unit can automatically from the PLC or manual by hand at the unit. The complete nut box tipper has a hydraulic unit integrated system allowing for a sturdy design and reliable lift of the nuts into the system.

Capacity: Up to 3 tons/hr

CAD rendering of boxtipper hydraulic driven

Sliver Remover (new generation) – SR2

The nut sliver remover eliminates all small pieces from the process flow. This machine is specially designed for sorting small products such as shell pieces, leaves or broken nuts. The most important advantage of this machine is the fact that the rollers are adjustable during processing. This gives the operator total control of the process and product results.

All rollers have the same rotation direction and are provided with a swing ring. This creates a good movement and a nice overall spreading of the product which is very important for a good sorting result.

Advantages of the sliver remover

Nut sliver remover