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Controlled & Accurate Biosolids Dosing System

Equa Process provides controlled and accurate biosolids dosing systems like this newly installed push floor dosing unit seen here. This system was recently used on an agricultural biogas digester installation.

This 100 cubic meter unit is installed below the floor level to enable an easy fill of the 3,500 cubic feet storage volume. The pusher floor enables a regulated dosing of the biosolids into the dilution and dosing pumps unit. This controlled dosing can be automated to ensure a constant feed into the digester, which increases productivity.

Equa Process specializes in processing equipment and solutions for biogas, agriculture and root vegetables, water treatment, and more. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Photo of biogas digester with the Equa Process logo and the words 'Controlled & Accurate Biosolids Dosing System' above and 'Biogas Digester Innovations' below