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Lab Scale Suitcase for Water Treatment Testing

Our lab scale suitcase is demonstrating the excellent results of our ultra filtration equipment. The pilot test unit is ideal to give immediate results with online sampling from the active water treatment system.

Controlled & Accurate Biosolids Dosing System

Equa Process provides controlled and accurate biosolids dosing systems like this newly installed push floor dosing unit. This system was recently used on an agricultural biogas digester installation.

Biogas Enzymes Reduce Power Consumption

The web is filled with nutritional guidance for the human digestive systems. Everyone knows that whole grain fiber helps prevent constipation, fatty food slows down the digestion, drinking water is essential and exercise helps keeps everything moving.

New Equa Process Website

Equa Process’ new website provides a tremendous amount of information about biogas storage and processing, root vegetable processing, water treatment systems, and more. In addition, the comprehensive left menu organizes this information, making it quick and easy to navigate the site and find what you are looking for. We hope you find the site easy to use and enjoy visiting it.

Biogas Use Growing Worldwide

Biogas is a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of other gases, that is produced from various sources, including manure on farms. Biogas recovery and processing equipment captures and converts this gas into a usable and valuable energy source. Europe, especially Germany, is currently the largest producer of biogas in the world, but many other countries are gaining ground in this area, including the United States. To learn more, see