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Membrane Filtration

Membrane filtration is an efficient process for the industrial and mining wastewater treatment and reuse, industrial and domestic sewage bioreactor, leachate, industrial process water. The ceramic membranes allow the reuse of liquid resources such as electrophoretic coating paint bath (e-coat), caustic soda, sulfuric acid recovery, detergent and other spent chemicals. The filtration systems are cost efficient and fully automized to be used for metal and coating industry, removal of pollutants and oily water separator. The applications however also include the maritime industry, shipboard bilge water and marine scrubber. For drinking water, ground water or surface water treatment, sea water desalination pre-treatment to reverse osmosis.

Ceramic membrane filter

In order to face the daily challenges of communities or companies in this area, ALSYS offers sustainable and eco-responsible membrane filtration solutions that have been proven to be effective, reliable, and competitive.

Ceramic membrane housing with Alsys logo and tagline

ALSYS ceramic membranes are tubular shaped filters with asymmetric structure and are unique in their design and manufacture. The two complementary membrane ranges, KLEANSEP™ and CERAMEM®, meet most industrial applications and water treatment requirements.

What makes Ceramic Membranes unique?

Key technologies and expertise of Equa in this field of membrane filtration:

CAD rendering of membrane filtration system


CeraMem system

Tubular Modules

ALSYS tubular modules are designed to equip the KLEANSEP™ and CERAMEM® ceramic membrane filtration systems:

Long-time Proven Membranes

ALSYS polymeric membranes are flat-sheet installed in modules with plates (PLEIADE® and module MP4®) or spiral shape (PERSEP™).



From Functional Membrane Materials to Integrated Filtration Skid Systems

ALSYS designs, builds and operates industrial equipment based on membrane filtration processes in either a customized or standardized approach.

Alsys P2000 membrane filtration module