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Equa Process Machinery & Equipment

Equa Process provides a tremendous range of biogas storage and processing solutions, root vegetable processing equipment, water treatment systems, and more. Explore our website, especially the comprehensive left menu, and also see below.

Double Membrane Gas Storage

The biogas double membrane gas storage for installation in-situ concrete, precast, or suitable steel tanks. The gas storage membrane is flexible and varies according to the amount of gas produced. The shape and color of these gas storage covers can be customized according to the requirement and customer’s request.

Several spherical biogas membrane covers

External Gas Storage System

The standalone double membrane gas storage system mounted on a floor slab, concrete slab or on a ring foundation with an earth foundation.

Biogas membrane cover - external, spherical shape

Gas Storage Bags

The single membrane gas storage units are custom designed in shape (round, square, oval) and height according to requirements or desired volume.

Biogas storage bag

Single Layer Tank Cover

Gas-tight tank cover is braced directly above the center post and suitable for vessels that do not require flexible gas storage.

Tank cover with countryside in background

Fermenter Agitator

The fermenter agitator type MAMMUT convinces in practical use with an unsurpassed agitation performance even with high dry substance content.

PaulMichl MAMMUT biogas agitator installation

Tank & Digester Mixer

MULTIMIX Agitator for fermenter, secondary fermentation, final storage tanks and mixing tanks. Infinitely variable and easy-to-use hydraulic adjustment system.

MULTIMIX fermenter agitator installation

Submersible Mixers

PaulMichl submersible mixers are preferably used in post digesters (secondary fermentation tanks) and final storage tanks, or for mechanical powerful support.

PaulMichl submersible mixer

Fermenter & Post Digester

The PAULMICHL agitator BG 500 is used for mechanical and powerful support in fermenters. Optimal positioning of the agitator in relation to the substrate of the tank is possible, even if the level in the secondary fermentation tanks or gas-tight final storage tanks changes.

Fermentor agitator BG500 installation

Separation Press

The PaulMichl separator of the compact units is an simple and robust sludge or manure separation equipment. The units are available for permanent installations, telescopic skid or mobile trailer.

Biogas separation press PM200 on site with dewatered solids

Submersible Cutting Pumps

The counter-rotating PaulMichl high-performance cutting unit made of resistant WIDIA special steel is installed in a large suction and pump housing.

Submersible biosolids cutting pump

Submersible Pumps

The submersible motor pumps of the PTS series are used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, waste water and similar media, some of which contain solids.

PaulMichl Submersible Biosolids Pump

Sloping Biosolids Feeder

Bio-solids feeders and dosing units for biogas plant, dryers or processing systems.

Sloping biosolids feeder

Funnel System

High conveying performance due to the hopper system. The funnel biosolids feeder is ideal crops and manure to dose an anaerobic digestor and at the same time homogenise the liquid substrates.

Funnel biosolids feeder

Moving Floor Feeder

High-quality moving floor feeders when a large storage volume is needed prior to the biosolids feed.

Moving floor biosolids feeder

Scraper Floor Feeder

The scraper floor feeder processes complex and solids matter to dose substances and materials.

Scraper floor biosolids feeder

Stainless Steel Tanks

Customized reactions vessels and water treatment systems.

Line drawing - aerial view of water treatment tanks

Decanter Centrifuge

Solid bowl centrifuge for the solids liquid separation of waste water, process fluids or product recovery.

Decanter centrifuge

Centrifuge Skid Units

Complete turn-key skid units equipped with all essential components for the centrifuge separation task.

CAD rendering of centrifuge skid unit

Centrifuge Container System

Complete turn-key container installation for centrifuge and all associated process equipment.

Cutaway drawing of centrifuge container unit

Disc Stack Separator

Disc stack centrifuge separators are ultra high speed mechanical separation units of solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid suspensions. Separators are widely used in olive oil, dairy products, food and beverage production, juice production, oil refining and oil recovery.

Disc stack separator

Screw Press

Screw press is designed to process food waste or flocculated sludges by means of forced filtration.

Screw press

Filtration & Membrane Technologies

Ceramic and polymeric membranes, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, pervaporation, chemical engineering, cross-flow filtration, and dead-end filtration. We handle the integration of downstream and upstream process equipment (chemicals treatment, pre-filters, reverse osmosis, etc.), and provide complete membrane filtration systems, specially designed for individual applications, and customized to the client’s operations.

CAD rendering of membrane filtration system

Screw Conveyor

Precision screw conveyors for transportation and distribution of biosolids or substrate throughout the process. With the production from V2A stainless steel you expect durable and extremely robust machine parts.

CAD rendering - parts drawing of screw conveyor

Washing Drum – VW

The industrial drum potato cleaner uses the product friction to rub off soil and clean the vegetable.

CAD rendering of potato washing drum

Drumwasher and Destoner Combination – VOW

The VOW is an industrial potato washer that both functions as a drum washer, as well as a destoner.

CAD rendering of potato washer and destoner

Roller Desoiler – VR

The roller potato desoiler is specifically to clean the potatoes of soil or silt.

CAD rendering of potato roller desoiler

Auger Destoner – VOS

The Auger Destoner consists of two main pieces, a water tank and a vertical auger. The tank’s bottom is perforated, so the sand can easily fall down.

CAD rendering of potato auger destoner

Drum Knife Peeler – SMT

This Drum Knife Peeler is a potato peeling machine consisting out of a frame with a very stable knife drum and an auger. The product is peeled during transport through the drum.

CAD rendering of drum knife peeler

Drum Roller Peeler – SKR

This SKR is a potato roller peeler with abrasive rollers, constructed in a drum, that removes the skin of a product mechanically.

CAD rendering of drum roller peeler

U-bed Roller Peeler – SKRT

The SKR T is a potato roller peeler with carborundum rollers aligned in a u-bed support.

CAD rendering of U-bed roller peeler

Hydro Cutter Compact

The Marcelissen Hydro Cutter is a standard potato cutter that can easily be adapted to different end products. The Hydro potato cutter can prepare chips, wedges or slices in a continuous process.

CAD rendering of hydro cutter

Continuous Halving Machine – DC

This machine consists out of a unique input belt, an aligning roller bed and a cutting section.

CAD rendering of continuous halving machine

Slitmaster 85 – Industrial french fries cutter

The Marcelissen Slitmaster 85 has been specially developed for cutting fries and/or slices from potatoes.

Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter

Optical Sorter – SOL/SOM

Marcelissen’s Optical Sorter grades the potatoes according to various characteristics, namely size, colour, number of defects and size of the defects.

CAD rendering of Optical Sorter SOL-2

Short Piece Sorter – SV

The Short Piece Sorter (or Nubbin Grader) is the ideal solution for companies who are looking for a more straightforward potato sorting machine of their potato fries, chips or peeled potatoes.

CAD rendering of Short Piece Sorter - SV

Potato Diameter Sorter – SRL

The Potato Diameter Sorter is a potato size grader which sorts the potatoes (and other tuber vegetables) according to the set diameter.

CAD rendering of potato diameter sorter

Sliver Remover (Roller Sorter)

In the production process of potatoes, beets, carrots and other tuberous vegetables, after peeling and cutting you have to deal with slivers.

Potato sliver remover