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Food & Beverage Processing Machinery & Equipment

Mechanical processing equipment and solutions for the food & beverage industry:

  • Sorting
  • Cutting
  • Peeling
  • Transportation

In the agricultural product preparation and food production, we supply components or complete systems for root vegetable or fruit processing. Each produce requires adaptations to the consistency and targeted final shape, size, or quality. Each of Equa Process & Services partners has decades of experience in optimization and design for the specific production step. Our team finds the optimized solution with custom designed process technology for guaranteed quality.

Whether a green field installation or expansion of an existing operation, we support with design drawings, technical details and process considerations. Our onsite team is qualified to complete installation support and commissioning of all equipment.

Assorted root vegetables on top of soil

Biogas Equipment and Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions, Extensive Track Record, Worldwide Experience.

Revalorize biosolids to produce renewable energy by integrating tailored made solutions and German technologies in the biogas sector. Biogas is the production of renewable energy using all kind of biosolid products. The produce biogas does not give a direct energy source, it also helps accelerate the use of the biosolids for organic fertilizer or soil amender.


  • Double membrane tank covers
  • Lagoon covers
  • Agitators and mixers
  • Separation equipment
  • Gas treatment
  • Specialty construction
  • Digestor product feed
Biogas domes in the distance

Water Treatment Machinery & Systems

Efficiency in water treatment.

Clean water is essential in all operations in every farm, industrial production, food process, or wastewater treatment facility. In order to achieve the specific water quality, focused equipment and processes remove contaminants efficiently. The technology is chosen to be cost-effective, energy-saving and robust for the individual operation.

Equipment and solutions

  • Stainless steel reaction tanks
  • Stainless steel lamella clarifiers
  • Wash water recycling
  • Water softener
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • DI water preparation
  • Filtration
Inside water treatment equipment