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Industrial Vegetable Peeler

Drum Knife Peeler – SMT

This Drum Knife Peeler can be adapted to different peeling applications. The knife peeler ensures a very clean cut allowing for a very aesthetic product. The vegetable peeling machine consisting of a frame with a very stable knife drum and an auger that is designed according to the vegetable characteristics and size.

The peeler beams are designed to enable an easy maintenance, exchange, or replacement of the knives.

CAD rendering of drum knife peeler

Drum Roller Peeler – SKR

This SKR is a vegetable roller peeler with abrasive rollers removes the skin of a product mechanically by wear. This construction has the advantage that the product is moving in the machine with a low speed and therefore is treated and peeled carefully.

The Marcelissen vegetable peeler can guarantees a constant product quality due to the VFD controlled internal auger that determines the residence time. Depending on the vegetable, the unit can also be operated dry to economize on water use.

The vegetable Drum Roller Peeler and Drum Roller Polisher can be supplied with smaller diameter rollers so that even very small vegetables can be processed with optimal results.

CAD rendering of drum roller peeler

Batch Knife Peeler – SMB

The batch vegetable peeler SMB is designed for continuous operation. The rate of the operation and quantity can be easily adjusted to accommodate interval or small operations.

CAD rendering of batch knife peeler