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Industrial Potato Peeler

Drum Knife Peeler – SMT

This Drum Knife Peeler is a potato peeling machine consisting out of a frame with a very stable knife drum and an auger. The product is peeled during transport through the drum. The beams which hold the knives are made of stainless steel for excellent hygienic cleanliness and eliminates construction of the knives with resulting breakage. The potato peeler can easily be adapted and adjusted to each specific peeling application.

The peeler beams are designed to enable an easy maintenance, exchange, or replacement of the knives. The drum is equipped with cleaning beams for cleaning the inside of the drum without losing potato peeling capacity.

The Marcelissen potato peeler is exception in view of the production capacity and efficiency of the potato peeler. Furthermore, only stainless-steel bearings and bearing houses are used for optimal lifetime of the machine and limiting the wear time.

The downtime for cleaning or maintenance is minimal since the potato peeler knives are mounted by welded screws, allowing for a quick and uncomplicated intervention. The peeler drum remains in place and eliminates costly production loss. The high quality and maintenance friendly design have its big advantage in the season where peeler knife exchange can take more than a day.

The knife bars are equipped with a quick lock system, the drum is equipped with a special construction which ensures an optimal and guaranteed rotation op the product and 100% peeling. This machine is also perfectly suitable for the repeel of steam peeled potatoes.

Capacity up to 6 tons/hr.

CAD rendering of drum knife peeler

Drum Roller Peeler – SKR

This SKR is a potato roller peeler with abrasive rollers, constructed in a drum, that removes the skin of a product mechanically. This construction has the advantage that the product is moving in the machine with a low speed and therefore is treated and peeled carefully.

The Marcelissen potato peeler guarantees a constant quality of the end product, a continuous product supply and exact dosing. The VFD controlled internal potato auger transports the product to the discharge and enables process regulation. Waste peel and water is discharged vertically below the potato peeling machine, but the unit can also be operated dry to economize on water use.

Due to the revolutionary changes in the construction of the drive, drum and rollers, the technical maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Changing rollers is now a matter of minutes, cleaning can be done by easy unlocking the unique cleaning rollers, V-belts are history, capacity is increased, and noise is reduced.

To produce Baby Carrots, Marcelissen has developed a specific type of Drum Roller Peeler and Drum Roller Polisher, The SKR 25/2500. These machines have rollers with a smaller diameter and the polisher in equipped with rollers with very fine carborundum, for an optimal and smooth result.

CAD rendering of drum roller peeler

U-Bed Roller Peeler – SKR T

The SKR T is a potato roller peeler with carborundum rollers aligned in a U-bed support. The roller peeler machine uses the typical roller construction alternating direction of rotation. The advantage of U-bed design versus a drum peeler is the advantage that a product that needs re-peeling can be dropped through the top into centre the potato peeling machine.

The U-bed has an auger mounted inside, which makes it possible to adjust the product transit. All drive components of the potato peeler are frequency controlled to regulate the speed of rollers and auger allowing the operator total control of the product discharge quality.

Waste peel and water is discharged vertically below the peeler machine. The potato roller peeler does allow for the operation and process without the use of water. The technical set up of the potato roller peeler can be adapted to the specific potato characteristic to accommodate the specific potato, product quality and the quality of the end product. As in all processing systems, the best peeling quality when a constant and well-dosed product supply is guaranteed. The complete potato processing system can be optimized to efficiently peel potatoes with the desired quality.

CAD rendering of U-bed roller peeler

Batch Knife Peeler – SMB

The batch potato peeler SMB is designed for interval feed of the potatoes into the drum. The process of filling, peeling, and emptying can be PLC controlled with adjustable timing of the actions. The disc peeler is covered with knives which ensure a clean cut and constant results. The technical design of the unit is efficient to easily clean, maintain or replace all parts.

Capacity: Up to 1500 pounds per hour.

CAD rendering of batch knife peeler