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Equa Process Provides Biogas Double Membrane Gas Storage Units that Increase Digester Efficiency through Heat Protection Foil

Equa Process & Services provides Biogas Double Membrane Gas Storage Units like the one shown below, and we increase the digester’s operational efficiency through the use of a Heat Protection Foil! The inclusion of a Heat Protection Foil in these gas storage units reduces the overall operational costs of a digester unit.

The lower heat loss of the thermophilic digester helps keep operational parameters stable and lowers the heating energy. Through precise adherence to the ideal fermentation temperature, it saves energy and evens out the peak demand for low temperature conditions, such as at night or during a frost.

In regular operation, the Thermal Heat Protection Foil achieves amortization in less than a year. Double membrane gas storage is the state of the art in biogas storage. This effective system is extremely robust and flexible for any operation. The outer weather protection foil keeps the wind and rain away from the internal integrated gas storage foil, which protects the gas storage system and ensures a long service life.

Equa Process provides all types of biogas storage units, water treatment systems, vegetable processing equipment, and more, including consulting, design, and fabrication. See some additional photos of this system below, and contact us to see how we can help you.

Photo of biogas storage units with logo and the words Biogas Double Membrane Storage Units With Heat Protection Foil
Photo of biogas storage units with diagram - one side has the words HEAT LOSS WITHOUT TEMPERATURE FOIL, the other has HEAT PROTECTION FOIL CONTAINS ENERGY
Diagram - one side has the words Without heat protection, the other side has Heat protection foil mounted below gasholder reduces heat loss