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Drum Sorter

Diameter Drumsorter – ST

The fruit and vegetable drum sorter is designed to grade circular fruit and vegetable. The very sturdy design can be adapted in screen mesh size to accommodate specific sizes of potatoes, beet, garlic, onions, mushrooms, berries, apples, peaches or any circular farm produce.

The drum sorting machine uses a rotating drum with wire mesh openings, so the product is sorted according to size during the transport from the infeed to discharge of the continuous processing unit.

The fruit and vegetable diameter drum sorters are suitable for selecting a minimum of three sizes. The initial 2 vegetable sizes falling through the screen and the last “oversize” discharging at the end.. The fruit drum sorter can also be equipped with unlimited sorting and corresponding transport belts to pack the selected fruits.

Advantages of Marcelissen drum sorter

CAD rendering of Diameter Drumsorter - ST