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Dewatering Equipment

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge technology is a high-speed solid separation unit designed for high flow rates and excellent separation efficiency of high solids sludges. The low operating cost and automatic operation allows high processing speeds in a number of industrial applications (over 2500 applications). The decanter centrifuge can efficiently separate solid and liquid phases in a continuous process with very little operator intervention.

Decanter Centrifuge consists of a rotating bowl which achieves the high centrifugal (G) force to accelerate the solid settling speed and enable a separation of suspended solid particles. Rotating with decanter bowl is an internal spiral conveyor which achieves the transportation and discharge of the solids particles which have settled on the bowl surface. The solids and liquids phases are discharged on opposite sides of the decanter centrifuge bowl.

Diagram of decanter centrifuge

Performance for heavy duty applications

Decanter centrifuge

Screw Press

Screw Press is a slow rotating unit consisting of an inclined bowl and rotating screw conveyor for continuous sludge processing. The feed sludge is mixed with flocculant in the infeed to the unit and transported through to the end by the internal screw conveyor. The solid water separation is achieved by the solids being pressed through the disc gaps. Pressurized water is sprayed on the drum, automatically at periodic intervals for cleaning purpose.

Diagram of screw press

Screw Press consists of cylinder containing the screw, moving and stationary discs, solid chamber, motor and gear. The rotational speed and solids press force can be adapted and programmed by the PLC system control. The mechanical components of the screw press are designed specifically to each process and application. A retrofit or adaptation to changes in the operation are easily performed by a maintenance team.

Maintenance is logical and can easily be trained to all operators. The screw press has replaceable PE scrapers for prolonged operational times and increase the solid transport.

The screw press operator control is PLC controlled. The frequency converters ensure a smooth start/stop, speed regulation and power control.


Screw press

Disc Stack Separators

Disc stack separators are intended purification using mechanical separation of solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid suspensions. Separator are implemented in a large variety of applications in all industries. Common usage is in olive oil, dairy products, food and beverage production, juice production, oil refining and oil recovery. The separator consists of the high speed bowl unit rotating, the drive mechanism and a supporting frame. Centrifuge separators ensure the continuous and rapid removal of fine solids from the liquid phase. The separation efficiency and the minimum particle size is defined by the physical laws defined by the viscosity of the fluid, density of the phases, feed rate into the bowl and the mechanical design of the disc separator components.

Diagram of disc stack separator

Separators can be classified into three different configurations:


Disc stack separator