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Carrot Processing Equipment

Equa and Marcelissen combine expert engineering and project management to supply our clients with complete turn-key carrot processing systems. The carrot processing lines are specially envisaged for high quality carrot production which include cleaning, peeling and sorting for all carrot sizes.

The Marcelissen carrot processing machines are of high quality European manufactured using food-grade material and design.

Each specific machine selected in our carrot processing lines is designed according to the application and capacity of the client’s processing requirements. Every carrot system is specially design to meet the industry specification and onsite production facility. The high-quality processing components interact to ensure a continuous process of the carrots throughout the system. This warranty product processing speeds, product quantity and product quality throughout the production season.

Select the processing units for your carrot processing line

Carrots on a conveyor belt in processing facility

The Equa carrot processing lines include transportation, washing, sizing, sorting and peeling units. All components are interlocked to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted carrot processing. The scope of supply and positioning is selected to the onsite conditions and operational proceeding. The carrot processing efficiency and product quality is always top priority in the carrot processing line design and implementation.

Electronic Carrot Weigher – AE

The electronic carrot weighing unit is a complete unit including dosing chute, vibration lanes and fine dosing. The initial bulk of the batch is transported down both vibrating lanes to the weigh unit and fill nozzle. The electronic control then only use the second lane for fine dosing of the carrots to reach an exact weigh value.

Capacity: Up to 3 tons/hr

CAD rendering of Marcelissen electronic carrot weigher

Carrot Inspection Belt – IR

Roller belt units are ideal components for the transport of carrots between processing steps and allowing a manual inspection of the product. This carrot roller belt is perfectly designed for inspecting and selecting carrots, root crops and other vegetables.

Capacity: Up to 6 tons/hr

CAD rendering of Marcelissen carrot inspection belt

The rollers are driven by two analogous chains that make the rollers rotate. The design thus transports and rotates the product in the forward motion.