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Carrot Peeling Equipment

Batch Peeler – SMB

This batch carrot peeler is an abrasive peeler with a bottom plate that’s variable in size, from 500 up to 900mm. The carrot peeling machine needs a constant batch of products to guarantee a good quality of peeled product.

Filling time, peeling time and discharge time are adjustable with timers.

The waste including the added water is removed below the batch peeling machine.

The SKB carrot peeler is suitable for different sizes which will be further process for edible foods.

Capacity: Up to 2 tons/hr.

CAD rendering of batch knife peeler

Drum Roller Peeler – SKR

This SKR is a carrot roller peeler with abrasive rollers, constructed in a drum, that removes the skin of a product mechanically. This construction has the advantage that the carrots of all sizes are moving in the machine with a low speed and are treated carefully.

To produce Baby Carrots, Marcelissen has developed a specific type of Drum Roller Peeler and Drum Roller Polisher, The SKR 25/2500. These machines have rollers with a smaller diameter and the polisher in equipped with rollers with very fine carborundum, for an optimal and smooth result. The mechanical design of the Marcelissen carrot peeler allow the unit to be set up for all different carrot sizes and expectations.

The Marcelissen carrot peeler guarantees a constant quality of the end product, a continuous product supply and exact dosing. The VFD controlled internal potato auger transports the product to the discharge and enables process regulation. Waste peel and water is discharged vertically below the potato peeling machine, but the unit can also be operated dry to economize on water use.

CAD rendering of drum roller peeler

Brushing Machine – NBR

The vegetable brushing and washing unit is ideal to brush carrots, potato, or other root vegetables. The NBR roller brushing machine is executed with brush rollers to form a drum. The machine is constructed in such a way that both this drum and the rollers rotate independently of each other. The speed of both brush components can be adjusted and controlled as required.

The transportation of the vegetable depends on the rotational speed, product feed quantity and the angle in which the drum. As a result, the product will be brushed evenly over the entire surface. The waste is discharged together with the supplied water under the brushing machine.

Capacity: Up to 15 tons/hr.

CAD rendering of brushing machine NBR