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Biogas Pumps

PaulMichl Submersible Biosolids Pumps

The submersible motor pumps of the PTS series are used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, wastewater and similar media, some of which contain solids.

High Quality Cutter – The pumps are equipped with a high-quality cutter on the impeller to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation.

Preferred areas of application are pre-tanks and final storage tanks which are only partially accessible or difficult to access. The connection to the submersible pump line can be made by flexible hoses or with an underfloor coupling system, in conjunction with a stationary lowering guide.

When filling manure and tanker vehicles, this pump is characterized by its high and reliable delivery rate.

PaulMichl Submersible Biosolids Pump
Tank with submersible biosolids cutting pump installed

Submersible Cutting Pumps

The counter rotating PaulMichl high-performance cutting unit made of resistant WIDIA special steel is installed in a large suction and pump housing.

Submersible biosolids cutting pump

Elimination of Blockage in the Suction of the Submerged Pump

The cutting unit of this high-performance, liquid manure, thick matter pump reliably shreds long-fiber ingredients or components of floating blankets and thus has no problems with media from biogas plants that produces liquids interspersed with solids, some of which are difficult to pump.

Closeup of submersible biosolids cutting pump

In addition, the PaulMichl submersible cutting pump has a drive unit made of high-strength mechanical engineering tubing, a drive shaft made of stainless steel with multiple robust shaft bearings, high-quality industrial ball bearings which are running in an oil bath and a shaft seal with SIC/SIC mechanical seal.

The cutter pump is mounted with a hot-dip galvanized wall rail for hanging / doweling. The modular assembly of the submersible cutting pump guarantees simple and quick service work even after many years of use. Individual special solutions as well as the PaulMichl combination unit pump + agitator set new standards in the field of pump technology. This combination system is characterized by its unique homogenization capability, through simultaneous agitation and pumping of extreme liquid mist conditions. Separate, lateral swiveling of the agitator nozzle and the agitator blade during operation ensure an optimal homogenization process.

Centrifugal Pump

The biosolids centrifugal pump type ETO is built onto a stable base frame. Characteristic of this robust pump is the double suction cutting device which ensures a reliable running of the pump for biosolids or manure. The pumps are equipped with a high-quality cutting device on the impeller, to guarantee reliable and trouble-free running. High solids slurries such as Biogas digestate, sewage sludge, food byproducts and industrial waste are the main areas in which this pump is used. This pump stands out due to its large flow rate and reliability when transferring liquid manure into vehicles and tank lorries.

Centrifugal biosolids pump

The centrifugal pump type AFI sets new standards in meeting the requirements of large flow rates. The pump is built on a stable, galvanized base frame. The connection to the drive motor is made with a flexible motor coupling. This robust pump is characterized by its large-volume suction area which is equipped with a cutting device on the impeller. As an option, the slurry pump can be supplied with a double or fourfold suction and cutting device. The standard version of the pump impeller is supplied in resistant special steel.