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Biogas Membrane Covers / Storage

Double Membrane Gas Storage

Biogas membrane covers - conical and spherical

The BAUR Double Membrane Gas Storage is special engineered for tank covers of anaerobic digestors. The Membrane Tank Cover has an outer protective cover to withstand all environmental effects of weather and solar damage. The inner gas storage membrane is flexible to adapt to the amount of biogas in production and allow for gas storage within the tank.

Characteristics of Double Membrane Tank Covers:

The Methane Storage Cover gives the operators a steady supply of fuel for the uses such as:

CAD diagram of Baur Folien biogas membrane cover

The Biogas Storage membrane is specially chosen to be resistant against chemical degradation which can arise in aggressive gases. The Gas Storage Bladder can be implemented for agricultural biogas production, waste water digestors or industrial water treatment plants. The Tank Cover details are customized to the client’s wishes, product chemical composition and technical specifications. The Membrane Covers are available in different shapes, diameter, and materials of construction to cover all requirements necessary for a Biogas Storage Bladders.

Double Membrane Tank Cover Scope:

Several spherical biogas membrane covers

The design and scope of supply is designed for the client’s specific needs and industry standards.


The onsite installation handling of a Membrane Cover can be problematic for inexperienced contractors. Our expert team has many years of experience to give the foresight to eventual difficulties. The benefit is a timely and efficient installation of the components on site.

Equa as a single source contact for the complete project.

The complete client support covers all aspects from the documentation, supply, and completion. The expert installer is well qualified to support as supervisors or alternatively the complete installation team can complete entire unit on the tanks or lagoons. The client is ensured top quality installation.


Biogas membrane cover - external, spherical shape