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Biogas Equipment and Solutions

Biogas Membrane Covers / Storage

BAUR Folien Double Membrane Gas Storage and Tank Covers

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Baur Folien supply a wide range of modern foil materials for biogas storage as pillow or cylinder storage bags, tank and lagoon covers, as single or double membrane covers, as well as covers for emission protection.

The company’s long-standing clientele includes both renowned plant manufacturers as well as engineering companies or operators. Baur Folien can either supplies components or assembles complete systems worldwide. In total, more than 10,000 projects have already been successfully implemented worldwide.

Production of Replacement Foils and the Conversion or Replacement of Gas Storage Systems

The scope of supply also includes the production of replacement foils and the conversion or replacement of gas storage systems from other manufacturers. In addition to excess over- and under pressure safety valves, supporting air blowers and suitable level measurements, Baur supplies many other components.

Biogas Agitators

PaulMichl Agitator Technology

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The PaulMichl agitators are known for the high quality and longevity, flexibility and individual adaptability. They have realized more than 500 projects per year from the technical equipment of individual tanks and plants to the ready-to-operate plant in the builder-owner model. Their strengths are innovative, powerful and durable agitators.

The choice of the agitator technology plays a very important role in the biogas process.

Not only to ensure the best possible mixing and uniform heating of the substrate, so that biogas bacteria can multiply and no solid floating layers are formed in the tank as well as the tank geometry, gasholders facilities, heating systems, feeding processes and energy requirements must be harmonizing. PaulMichl products are standing for flexibility that they can ensure the best operating process. All their products are manufactured customized. Each separator, special version of agitators are going through a strict quality and operating test before they are going to be shipped/transported to the customer.

PaulMichl agitators are built completely out of stainless steel 1.4301 and for example with high quality bearings of the manufacturer SKF-FAG, mechanical sealing SIC/SIC Burgman and power reserve – operation with frequency converter. All agitators do have their drive unit outside of the tank and especially the MAMMUT agitator has a 3D-shock absorber system for a long-lasting operation.

Biogas Feed Equipment

Schmidberger Technology – Biosolids dosing and feeder

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Schmidberger convinces with their high quality production and the durability of their products. With over 15 years involvement in the production of solid feeders and desulphurization systems, Schmidberger can be classified as a true expert in the biosolids handling field. All their building parts which are getting in touch with the substrate are made exclusively out of stainless steel so warrant longevity of the equipment in operation. Out of that experience, they can ensure a better protection against some wear and tear of the components.

Schmidberger has established four different standard sizes of solid dosing systems. Through their flexibility in production, they can provide solid dosing systems from 4m³ until 200m³ volume. Furthermore it is possible to have a conveying capacity up to 50tons/hour for large industrial plants.

Biogas Pumps

The submersible motor pumps of the PTS series are used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, wastewater and similar media, some of which contain solids. The submersible cutting pump reliably shreds long-fiber ingredients or components of floating blankets and thus has no problems with media from biogas plants that produces liquids interspersed with solids, some of which are difficult to pump. The biosolids centrifugal pump type ETO is built onto a stable base frame. Characteristic of this robust pump is the double suction cutting device which ensures a reliable running of the pump for biosolids or manure.

Biogas Separator

The PaulMichl Separation Press is an ingeniously simple dewatering unit. The secure and leak-proof construction makes a sturdy unit for continuous or intermittent operation at the barn or mobile on site. We also offer rental units and de-sludging services.