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Biogas Agitators

Cartoon drawing of Mammoth - PaulMichl MAMMUT mascot

With 45 years of experience in agitator design and manufacture ago, the PaulMichl agitators are for municipal sewage sludge and agricultural biosolids. The agitator modular construction system is in use around the world in a wide variety of applications and technical requirements. Our submersible mixers and long-shaft mixers for water and wastewater management are designed for stream generation and flow maintenance in reserves, de-nitrification, or aeration tanks. Our products impress with their high quality, durability, and robustness.

Fermenter Agitator

The digestor agitator type MAMMUT is unsurpassed in its performance at high dry substance contents. PaulMichl agitators have an infinitely variable and easy-to-use hydraulic adjustment system.

PaulMichl MAMMUT biogas agitator installation

The MAMMUT tank biosolids agitator is specially developed to provide a strong, slow and at the same time gentle mixing action. Due to the layout of the drive unit, the agitator design uses very robust hydraulic components to adjust the inclination and eliminates an electric gear unit. The very strong construction of the tank agitator guarantees reliable operation.

PaulMichl MAMMUT biogas agitator installation

The infinitely variable angle adjustment of the agitator is achieved by means of a hydraulic unit, so that an optimal positioning of the agitator in relation to the substrate of the fermenter is possible. The digestor agitator is installed without any wearing floor or counter support inside the tank.

Basic Equipment


A special feature of the Multimix agitator is the multiple reinforcement of the agitator shaft with a standard installation length of 260 inch.

Line drawing of PaulMichl Multimix biogas agitator

The standard horizontal and vertical hydraulic adjustment device is supplied as part of the standard equipment, along with a manual pump and a control unit. As an option, the PAULMICHL – Multimix agitator can be supplied with a fully automatic filling level adjustment system which is controlled from the central control of the biogas plant. This feature makes it possible for the Multimix to homogenize the complete tank despite changing levels.

The optimized agitator blade design has a diameter of 47 inches and an installed power of 30 hp. The PAULMICHL-Multimix agitator ensures a low-noise but nevertheless powerful transmission by means of the toothed belt (gear wheel) drive. A further advantage of the agitator is the very stable and robust construction which ensures very reliable use. Further, due to the layout of the drive unit, the agitator itself contains no electrical components and no gear unit inside the tank. This allows very easy access to the drive elements of the agitator. Due to the use of a high-quality sealing unit on the mounting plate of the tank, it is possible to operate the Multimix agitator in secondary fermentation tanks at various heights.

PaulMichl Multimix biogas agitator installation

Basic Equipment