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Beet Processing Equipment

The Perfect Vegetable Shredder to Filling Digestor Tanks

The modern beet shredder, we enable an effective shredding of individual beets as well as a comfortable filling of the solid’s dosage unit. Thus, the biosolids shredder becomes an integral part of the functional operation of the biogas plants. The concept of the biosolids shredder allows for a quick and easy processing of a number of agricultural products for biogas production. The efficiency of the shredder makes it suitable to process difficult to handle bio-solids and organic waste.

Schmidberger beet shredder in the field

Efficient and Extremely Sturdy Shredding Systems

The Schmidberger biosolids shredder has taken the advantages from numerous different dosing technologies and incorporated these into a design to warrant sturdy components and adjustability to the processing system. Our beet shredder plant makes it possible to variably adjust the size and characteristic of the bio-solids. Thus, the shredding becomes a real enrichment in the decomposition of beets and the formation of biogas.

The solids dosage does not require start-up adjustments or a run-up time. The biosolids shredder can be started during the filling with bio-solids and ensures immediate fragmentation. Depending on the capacity, up to 60 tons per hour of biosolids can be shredded.

Wide Range Of Applications in the Feed Technology

One of the advantages of our biosolids shredder is its versatilty for different operating plants and solids matter. In addition to the shredding of beets, it also offers a suitable solution for onions, potatoes, or similar materials. The biosolids shredder achieve a clearly defined fragmentation of the vegetables.

In the biogas fragmentation process the particle size of the solids increases the contact surface for bacteria, which can accelerate the fermentation process. This also increases the amount of gas conveyed. The fine solids sizing also means that there are no longer any difficulties in processing when the substrate when spreading it out. Thanks to the durability and stability of our bio-solids shredder design, the Schmidberger shredder is always a good choice.

With High-quality Technology for Effective Work

The shredder designed according to the highest technical considerations and durability. The plant is available with a capacity of between 35 and 150 cubic feet, whereby the extent of the shredding can be adapted to your own production and conveying. Depending on the chosen design, the weight of the beet shredder also varies. This varies between 1,800 and 4,500 pounds depending on the drive specification and product consistency.

Finally, the finished biosolids shredder is made of galvanized and painted steel, which gives the structure excellent protection against the weather and corrosion protection.

Highest Quality Around the Biogas System

If you are looking for an effective vegetable shredding system, you can rely on our components and process technology. With the bio-solids shredder we offer an effective and structured system to ensure safe and convenient implementation in combination with high stability. The simple operation and at the same time high value make the system a good choice in all industries and facilitates the production of biogas.