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Equa Process & Services is a specialty company focusing on the supply of equipment, systems, and turnkey solutions for biogas, agricultural products and industrial water treatment. Our customized solutions are directed toward the specific needs of our client to enable reliable processing operation. The Equa has partnered with internationally renowned European equipment manufacturers to supply high quality and dependable components.

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Our in-depth knowledge of the equipment and processing systems allows us to select the most economical solution for a reliable operation. The technical design is customized to the specific applications and client expectations. Our success shows that the objective evaluation of best practices in combination with reliable equipment warrants solutions for a long-term operational excellence. We approach our customers, partners and colleagues with respect and understanding.

Operational excellence is a result of thoughtful consideration of all components and processes. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”


Equa’s mission is to advise and supply high quality equipment and supply solutions to achieve customers’ needs. We support with the project management, installation supervision, process commissioning and training of the onsite operation staff. We will strive to develop a long-term relationship with the investors, staff, suppliers, engineers, and contractors.

The single technical specification of a component add purpose to the system. As a team, we consult with our customers to determine the best possible process solution and equipment for specific applications. Individual component is carefully selected to ensure a harmonic operation of the overall system and process guarantees. Our overall view of the system allows us to identify the key expectations of customer and specific application. Equa understands the factors determining success and efficiency.