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Welcome to Equa Process & Services, LLC!

Specializing in Processing Equipment and Solutions.

Manufacturer logos - Marcellisen, Baur, Schmidberger, PaulMichl, CeraMem

Equa Process offers a wide range of equipment, systems and solutions for the agriculture industry and beyond.

We offer a full range of Biogas Equipment and Solutions, including membrane covers for methane gas storage domes, biogas agitators, and related equipment. We are an authorized representative of Baur, Maschinen Schmidberger, and Paul Michl.

Equa Process also offers all types of fruit and vegetable processing equipment, including solutions for potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, and more. We are an authorized representative of Marcelissen Machinery for this specialized equipment.

In addition, we provide a wide variety of water treatment solutions, including filtration systems, dewatering equipment, water softeners, process water recovery systems, purification units, and more. The complete solutions can range from simple skid units to complete Zero Discharge plants.

Lastly, we can design, consult on, and develop a diverse range of custom equipment and solutions to meet the specific challenges you are facing. We have many years of experience in selling, servicing, and maintaining all types of industrial machinery and systems.

We represent some of the best companies in the biogas, agriculture, and water treatment industries. These companies have proven products, excellent reputations, and long histories of providing top quality, durable and reliable equipment. Some of the manufacturers we represent include:

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